When a gentleman insists


13029714_643819019108289_7246191915680920391_oSpring was supposed to be a beautiful time where flowers are blooming bright and new life is celebrated with warmth; nevertheless, spring of 2016 has nothing but dreary.

After losing my dream job, I’ve been going to bed in tears and waking up in tears. At night I have a fear of going to bed, and during the day I fear to wake up in the morning.

To my surprise, that was only the beginning.

Losing a job could mean that I’d not be afford to pay my bills and care for my dog or myself. My frugal lifestyle finally paid off at such a detrimental time like this, but literary paying off my expenses with my long protected savings account. I talked to the landlord’s assistant in tears; gladly, she was able to let me out of my lease.

Feeling a lot relieved, I stopped shaking, but it was only mere seconds before the next problem came up in my head-Where am I going to go next?

“I still want to marry you.”

Hector said to me as I sat lifelessly while a cloud of depression cast over my face with dried up tears lined up on my cheeks. Soon after I heard what he said, my eyes went watery again. It was beyond words that he still saw me as a beautiful, confident, and prosper woman when I was at such miserable state.

I still wanted to respect Hector’s wishes to not live in together until we are man and wife, but as my lease was broken with no funds due to a job loss, I was left no where else to go. We spent a few days drafting up changes to our life time plan and decided to just go ahead and apply for our marriage certificate, and postpone the wedding plan until I am in a better state. As we were still committed with our decision to get married, we continued attending pre-marital counseling with Hector’s dad, a long time pastor and a 20-year veteran. He understood the complication in our situations, and offered to cover the food and the facility of the wedding if we were to host it at his church in the future.

During the application process, we learned that we must have an officiant to sign our certificate after performing a civil ceremony. Fortunately, I got a referral for an affordable officiant after performing photography for a friend’s wedding. In addition, through my fellow photographer peers and acquaintances, one of them volunteered to capture the moment for me when I jumped the broom.


On April 25, 2016, Hector took a long lunch break from work, and I grabbed the only white dress I could find in my closet; we gathered at the River Walk along with a handful of friends and family members and said our oath. My friend brought a bouquet for me as a surprise as she showed up.

Although the marriage came off as abruptly and was a huge surprise to many friends and family, we still received endless of blessings and accolades. In addition, we received bits and pieces of help from friends that made me feel grateful. It was truly heart-touching to see the support from everyone, and felt that I was not alone and someone cares about my well being.

However, the misfortune did not stop there, and it just kept coming.



Bright start to a storm

13048109_643819459108245_8067457833992919618_oLots of things happened this year. Even though we are only half way done with the year, events that have happened so far have been more life changing than my entire life time.

I tend to stay away from my diary when hardship hits because I want to forget the pain. Unfortunately, the more I’m tying to forget it by not writing it down, the more it circles in my head. On the other hand, due to the overflowing negativity in my head, I often overlook many thankful things and the moral lessons that I learned during this hardship.

It took me months to picked up my scattered emotions.  Looking back at these past events that happened after I have calmed down, I realized that literally, everything that I had wished for came true but ‘wishes come true’ also come with shocking twists.

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I said yes

Engagement Announcement
Posted on Augusta Chronicle on Jan 10, 2016.

Just shortly after I submitted a 2-week notice at my job with the Augusta Chronicle. I checked with the private party classified advertising rep about placing an engagement announcement. She mentioned that I can get a free placement in while I still have  my work status at the Chronicle. As frugal person, my eyes are fixated on free deals. As a result, I submitted a quick announcement before Hector even proposed to me. I was able to convenience him that the monetary value is worth it to do it for free, even though the timing is a little premature.  Unfortunately, I never got a copy of the newspaper, but I was able to grab a screenshot online.
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The Bell Ringer- Augusta University’s Student Newspaper

*Written on 5/4/2012

I love writing, and I started to enjoy reading as well. As a kid, newspaper has been fun to me. My grandpa would buy newspaper at 7-11 almost everyday to look at lottery number and the stock market. The papers he collected soon piled up to a mountain. Grandpa didn’t want to throw them away because they make a good table cloth. My sister and I would fold them into shapes of animals, cut them into paper dolls, and doodle over them. Never did I pay attention to what was exactly on the paper until I reached 18.

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Moving to a New Workforce

A lot of people ask me, what do I do for my job. and I always have a hard time finding that one word or one sentence that perfectly describes it. Now that I have submitted my 2-week notice, I was told by my boss to write a list of everything that I do and how I do it. I am amazed at how much. I’ve learned during the time I’m at The Augusta Chronicle. I will continue to cherish the experience and all the awesome colleagues here.

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ASU Creative Writing Club

* Written on 4/30/2012*

My goal as a leader is to be available and reachable to help. My greatest taboo of life is to say that I’m busy. I don’t ignore any messages. If anybody emails me or call me, I should be able to reply within the next 3 hours, unless I’m out of town or I’m dead.

My philosophy is to never say that I’m busy, because believing myself to not be busy allows me to do more things.  I look down on those who find excuses to no do things.

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Augusta’s WGAC Radio: The Voice of the Garden City for Seventy Years

*Written on 5/4/2012*

This semester, spring 2012, I am in COMP 4950, also known as the Book Editing and Production course.
Dr. Van Tuyll, everyone admits, is the best instructor for this subject. When I signed up for this course, I was expecting to edit blocks of paragraphs, design layouts, and read like crazy. However, never would I have thought that the text we edit was going to be published into an actual book.
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