I said yes

Engagement Announcement
Posted on Augusta Chronicle on Jan 10, 2016.

Just shortly after I submitted a 2-week notice at my job with the Augusta Chronicle. I checked with the private party classified advertising rep about placing an engagement announcement. She mentioned that I can get a free placement in while I still have  my work status at the Chronicle. As frugal person, my eyes are fixated on free deals. As a result, I submitted a quick announcement before Hector even proposed to me. I was able to convenience him that the monetary value is worth it to do it for free, even though the timing is a little premature.  Unfortunately, I never got a copy of the newspaper, but I was able to grab a screenshot online.

Hector proposed to me on Feb 13, 2016

Marriage in my eyes doesn’t mean ball and chain and suffering. I know people joke about it a lot, and saying that “enjoy your single life for as much as you can!” The thing is, Hector and I have a mutual understanding of each other’s personal time. That’s how a relationship should be. Hector will continue to pursuit his endeavors in technology and games with his buddies, and like wise, I will continue my artistic career. We are each other’s support, not tie downs. We will never purposefully impede each other’s personal endeavors so we can stay together all the time. So us getting married doesn’t mean Hector or I will be a different person. Here is the catch tho, being each other’s support doesn’t mean we lean on each other all the time. We never take each other for granted. Hector and I each have our bachelor’s degree, own reliable car, our own job, and our own place to live. We went through tough times together, sure. But the most important thing is that we are strong by ourselves, and we are even stronger together. I love you Hector Caceres, and thank you for loving me.

And last, I want to say I’m sorry. I’ve heard input from you guys and I admit fault….that I complain a lot and appears to be unappreciative of my life. Again, sorry guys. It’s a bad habit of mine and it’s been a habit before I even came to the United States. I complained about my apartment, about my dog, about my family, about my peers, and of course about my boyfriend. Sorry everyone, and sorry Hector. Hector has made my life happier than ever. I want to take this chance to give him the credit for the reason why I’ve become a better person. My cussing habit and snapping habit was calmed by his gentle and patient attitude. Although I’m not close to perfecting my temper, I learned the virtue to be patient and sincere. He was there for me through several financial crisis, and emotional break down. At the same time, I helped Hector to take initiative in his surroundings, looking for ways to challenge and to better his life. *And of course I pass on my coupon and saving strategies to him. We complete each other’s life like no other.
Here is a story I wrote a couple years ago on how Hector and I met. If you’re interested, take a good read!


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