The Bell Ringer- Augusta University’s Student Newspaper

*Written on 5/4/2012

I love writing, and I started to enjoy reading as well. As a kid, newspaper has been fun to me. My grandpa would buy newspaper at 7-11 almost everyday to look at lottery number and the stock market. The papers he collected soon piled up to a mountain. Grandpa didn’t want to throw them away because they make a good table cloth. My sister and I would fold them into shapes of animals, cut them into paper dolls, and doodle over them. Never did I pay attention to what was exactly on the paper until I reached 18.

Back in the summer of 2009 when I was interning at the Chinese Montessori Foundation, I enjoyed walking to the subway, having the newsman handing me free newspaper at the entrance and saying good morning to me. On my way to work, other than being jammed in the train, I enjoyed reading news paper. Looking at the political events, crime cases, statistic reports, horoscope, and, last but not least, the comic section.

Back when I was in high school, even nowadays, from time to time, I’d see my friends working on the cross-word puzzle in the newspaper.  Since I have a dream to become an editor at the New York Times, I began to read English newspapers. I enjoyed having free newspaper to read when I was interning at Augusta Chronicle. After I left there, I stopped reading printed news for a while. I still read news online and watch TV in order to to be informed about what’s going on in the society. Online publication and television is nice and all, I still prefer the old traditional style to read newspaper.  I have been an adherence reader of school publications: Phoenix Magazine, Sand Hills Magazine, and The Bell Ringer.

Dr. Van Tuyll is the director of the Phoenix Magazine, Dr. Sladky is the director of the Sand Hills Magazine, and Dr. Bosisio is the director of the Bell Ringer. All of our student publications have won phenomenal awards and have been the best in this area. I’ve been dying to get the opportunity to work with them. Just a few weeks ago, as I was flipping through the Bell Ringer, I saw a position, webamaster, was available. As fired up as I am, I sent out my resume. Later, the editor in chief, Tiffannie replied to me for an interview. After the interview, I met with Dr. Bosisio again, and he encouraged me to meet up with Ashley, the former webmaster of the Bell Ringer.

As little as I was equipped with Html knowledge, I showed great passion to the idea of working with the Bell Ringer. She showed me the process and the responsibility to manage the Bell Ringer website:

As difficult as the work appears to me, I was excited to learn new things. Like a little boy staring into the Hot Wheels commercials on TV, I was reading enthusiastically at the Bell Ringers articles.

Every Wednesday at 5 p.m., Bell Ringers has a meeting in the office right next to the Jagcard office. Dr. Bosisio invited me there, where I signed the contract with the Student Activities. After light refreshment, Tiffannie presented a slideshow with a music of her choice. There were photographs of their trip to a conference wining a dozen awards. In addition, there were photos of them hanging out casually at a restaurant. Their involvement reminds me of Model UN class that I participated during thibellringers spring break. As I mentioned in my other blog: Model UN (SABR 2930) was the first American class that I ever had the chance to remember everyone’s name and their interest as an individual. The Bell Ringer strongly gave me the same feeling.

Again, I like to share with you guys the joy and the honor to be part of the Bell Ringer.

Our school has been great with our publication. I am thrilled to have the chance to contribute my skills.  A camp fire wouldn’t burn without every little contribution from the wood. I am a fire wood, and I have found my camp fire.



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