Augusta’s WGAC Radio: The Voice of the Garden City for Seventy Years

*Written on 5/4/2012*

This semester, spring 2012, I am in COMP 4950, also known as the Book Editing and Production course.
Dr. Van Tuyll, everyone admits, is the best instructor for this subject. When I signed up for this course, I was expecting to edit blocks of paragraphs, design layouts, and read like crazy. However, never would I have thought that the text we edit was going to be published into an actual book.

When I first heard this idea, I was quite intimidated. This was a hard task for undergraduates. On the contrary, I never thought that I would get a chance to be involved in a book publication. This project is rare, almost unheard of. On top of that, the text materials that we received was also written by undergraduates in a journalism history class, and a lot of them were writers for the Bell Ringer. This class was too surprising that I almost had a stroke. After all the harsh work of reading and editing the book, I ordered an actual book off amazon and gaped at my name that was printed in the acknowledgement section of the book, along with all my other classmates.
This class was one of the most stressful classes I have ever had in my life, other than HUMN 2001 & 2002. On top of heavy reading, the students were also required to learn In-Design, and learn the basic of copyedting, and public relations writing. After the book was published, we still had to take exams, turn in projects, and essays. This class nearly threw me off the edge. I could have done better in many ways, even though I am still not sure about the final grade that I have for this class.

Photo taken by News 12. WRDW

The only thing I know is that this class is the best class for students who want to enter the field of publications. Dr. Van Tuyll is strict, but she provides as much assistance as needed.

The leaders of this publication, other than Dr. Van Tuyll, was Scott Hudson. He was also known as the Augusta’s Redheaded Stepchild Reporter; in addition, he is the owner of a local liquor store: Cheers: Wine & Beverage on Washington Road.
Book Description: “This book narrates the rise and growth of WGAC radio station in downtown Augusta with the contribution of J. B.Fuqua, and many others. From helping to build the career of pop star James Brown, who once shined shoes outside the studio, to building the Masters Golf Tournament into an international tradition, WGAC has brought the best of Augusta to the world. It has weathered the transition in American radio from local stations with hometown programming to corporately owned stations that feature syndicated segments, all without giving up its Augusta character. Join local writers Debra van Tuyll and Scott Hudson as they trace the history of this community landmark from its infancy to its number-one status today.”

Local News 12: ASU students publish book detailing WGAC Radio history
Buy this book on Amazon 



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