ServicePhotography on footPortrait photosPhoto BoothVideography/ Drone
Cost$50 per hourCustom$50 per hour
*1 hour mandatory for setup/breakdown
$50 per hour (custom discount applies with a combined photoshoot)
PurposePhotography for events: private parties, wedding, concert, festivals, etc.Coordinated Photography: business headshots or real estate photos.Photography for entertainment purpose: cosplay, theme partyVideography/Drone can be for a posed/directed private session or stationary camera throughout the whole range of events.
ConditionAnything that requires me to capture images on the go. I can mildly interact with the subject. The pictures are taken through the course of the event.Anything that requires me to direct or pose a person or an object. I will produce a handful of finalized photos.Anything that requires a green screen chrome key to alter backdrop. Backdrop images must be royalty-free or original material provided by the customer.For drones, the location must be outdoors in an area without geofencing (use the contact form to confirm).
Audio has to be recorded separately, otherwise will use loyalty-free music or other music provided by the customer.
QuantityRoughly 20-30 finalized photos per hour. The number of photos will be pre-determined before the photoshoot.The number of hours and photos will be pre-determined before the photoshoot.For a posed/directed private session, roughly 10 min of finalized footage per hour.
Work ExamplesBrides & Wedding
Events & Journalism
Real Estate
Private Sessions
Behind the Scenes
Green Screen


Regarding portraiture and other fine art, the size, medium/material, and quantity will be pre-determined to calculate the cost. You will also get a digital copy of the finished work. Framing and matting will require an additional cost. The finished portraiture and other fine art can be delivered for free in the Central Savannah River Area. Otherwise, a shipping/packaging fee will be required.

Murals are determined by square footage: $8 per square foot (plus materials). However, the cost of materials is due upfront when I present the receipt. Also, depending on the location, I will have to estimate a time frame to complete as paint takes some time to dry before a new layer can be applied. Extra costs may occur when the area needs to be prepared prior to painting (mainly cleaning). Mural locations outside of CSRA are subjected to the travel fee.

You’re welcome to review my traditional art portfolio for work samples if interested. Please use the contact form to reach out to me with the following information for me to better assist you: Size, Medium/ Material, Time Frame/Deadline, etc.


Digital portraiture and another type of digital art can be custom ordered regardless of size and design. The price is maxed at $50 per item requested.

Graphic Designs for logos/flyers/booklets are determined on a very customized and individualized basis. I take into consideration the purpose of the art to determine the price; mainly, each graphic art starts at $50.

You’re welcome to review my digital art portfolio or graphic design portfolio for work samples. if interested. Please use the contact form to reach out to me with more detail about your needs and timeline.


  1. A standard agreement shall be signed around a month before the expected deadline (recommended), and will document all the conditions. An additional fee can be applied and listed in the addendum.
  2. 50% reservation cost will be due at the time of signing. The reservation cost may only be refunded under the pre-agreed terms and conditions listed in the agreement. The remaining 50% will be due at the time the work is conducted.
  3. Accepted payment options (unless otherwise noted): Check, cash, paypal, venmo, cashapp, zelle.
  4. This rate does not apply to non-profit businesses, contact the artist directly for a quote.
  5. The customer acknowledges that Foxsilong Studio is operated by a freelance artist’s desire to build her portfolio; it is not a for-profit business.
  6. While traveling fee is included in the Central Savannah River Area, the commuting fee is $0.25 per mile. Example: there are 150 miles between Atlanta to Augusta, the additional commute fee would be $0.25 x 150 = $37.5.
  7. Special terms for photography/videography:
    • All the finalized digital images will be available in 3-5 days after the end of the shoot. Videography may take up to one week in addition.
    • The images will be uploaded on private a cloud base online for you to download. If you prefer having a CD or flash drive mailed to you, standard shipping and packaging fee will be charged.
    • No print service will be made, but I will recommend trustworthy companies that offer printing services as needed.
    • You can use the images/videos you paid for based on your discretion; I also have the right to use them for my portfolio on my website and social media (unless otherwise noted).
    • Additional editing/customization with Adobe can be requested; there is no standard rate, but fees can be negotiated.