A completion of my life

*written in September of 2009*

Before I am complete, let me tell you my story. I am a piece of rice. To complete my life, I need to become a part of an organism. This was the reason why I was born after all, but I went long ways to learn about it.

When I was little I was around my families in a very wide field. We called it a farm. We saw the farmer’s machine drive by us several times. Our neighbors were collected, and they said farewell to us. The old farmer always said we were too small and young, and that we were not ready yet. He told us that getting collected in this machine was our completion of life. As a result, every single member of my family grew a very strong will to survive; they had to struggle hard against snails and other bugs that would take our nutrition. I was shy, and my will to complete my mission was not as strong as theirs; therefore, I was smaller than any of my siblings.

The raven hated us, and they attacked us in several groups. They always picked on us and tried to eat us. They were never successful, but we would fall away when they attacked. My sister protected me, and she covered me under her body. She was picked away by the raven, as well as some of my other siblings. They said to me, “Please complete the process of our lives for us.”

The wind and storm hated us, and they attacked us in several directions. They always spread us apart and threw us into the winds. My brother protected me, and he covered me under his body. He was washed away by the storm, as well as some of my other siblings. They said to me, “Please complete the process of our lives for us.”
After a while, the farmer’s machine came again, and this time he said that we were very beautiful, and we were ready. The machine came to us, and it was so violent! It cut us down and sucked us in, some of my siblings were left behind. They said to me “Please complete the process of our lives for us.”

As we were in the machine, another group of rice told us that our lives will be complete when people bought us from the market. I realized that being collected by the machine was just another great beginning. My aunts were sweeped into the trash can during the sale in the market. My uncles were squashed by stomps and footsteps. There were not many of us left, but we carried out their wishes and survived through the disasters until we were bought by a restaurant lady.

As we were in the restaurant, another group of rice told us that our lives will be complete when we are cooked. I realized that being bought by the restaurant was just another great beginning. My cousins accidentally fell off from the rice spoon when the lady was serving us onto the plate. I never saw them again. My nephews were pleased to tears when they were placed neatly on the plate, I was happy for them and I said farewell to them. However, I saw the plates came back, it looked like a disaster. My nephews’ faces were pale and sad. When the restaurant lady dumped them into the trash can, it was like a grave pit. They were not buried, and their life was not complete. The rest of my family wept in the rice cooker. I lost hope, and I did not think it was ever possible to have a complete life. The cooker burnt some of us; unfortunately, my nieces were burnt, and they were not beautiful anymore. They ended up in the grave, looked so sad, and it was awful!

I never seen a rice grain with a completed life; it seemed to be impossible. I gave up my life with any wish or expectation. I was in the warm cooker for a long time; I fell off the spoon for a several times; fortunately, I fell off back into the cooker instead of the floor like my nieces.

Surprisingly, in a nice evening, I made it on top of the spoon and fell onto the plate. The plate was carried to a costumer, and I was pleased to tears. I saw the costumers shoveling his spoon in and out; I tried very hard to get on the spoon, but I kept falling off. The customer pat on his stomach, because he was full, and he left the table to a place where I would never see him. I went cold after a while, and I was thinking about my family in the grave pit. I could never complete my life, but at least I could rest with them.

The restaurant lady came again, and she was cleaning the plates; during the process, I fell on the table. Then the lady wiped the table and pushed me off the edge; therefore, I ended up on the floor. Fortunately, the lady did not stomp on me and squash me. The ground was even colder; I could imagine myself dying in this circumstance. I was cold, so cold.

A source of heat came near. I saw a dog approaching. It used its wet nose to sniff me, and it was warm. I felt very comfortable. I was one of the lucky rice grains to have a complete life, and I was the only rice grain to be a part of an organism.

My life ends here, this dog completed my life. I have to tell you how proud I am, and I have to tell you how happy I am.

I can finally rest in peace.

*This story was written in September of 2009*


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