Foxsilong Studio

10346592_522390931251099_1571247013430650689_nI want to start a business.  It’s just been something I always wanted to do since I was little. Well, I do admit, I’m not good at math or obeying rules, but I learn quick and I dream big.

Why do I want to start a business you might ask? In addition to making money and being my own boss, I like to share my artistic talents with the world.

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Art The Box AUG

11070206_10152719181811533_6592365768515634541_nDid you ever notice those tall, tin color traffic control cabinets that resemble a refrigerator standing at many intersections around the city?

Probably not right at first– because they are indeed refrigerator-looking boxes. But through the talents of local artists, this project dubbed “Art The Box” will bring beauty to the traffic boxes in the Augusta area. You will never want to take your eyes off those boxes ever again.

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