Plan a vacay to Augusta


Augusta, Ga is known for its rich history, golf, and cyber intelligence. While Augusta may not have the fame as other popular travel destinations such as Hawaii, it is a gem in the rough that brings a unique experience that is unmatched by anywhere else around the world.

A lot of historical events that shaped the early United States occurred in Augusta. Augusta Canal, the 13-mile long canal fed by the Savannah River was a prominent method of transportation of the south in the mid-1800s. The canal also provided power to the cotton mills and the paper mills in the area. Later during the civil war, the canal was also an important way to supply the Confederate soldiers, who built an arsenal and academy within 10 miles from the river.

Another important event in Augusta that is known to the United States and the whole world is the Masters week, world largest golf tournament. It has brought in billions of dollars of revenue for Georgia. This was also the tournament where Tiger Woods made his record-breaking win in 1997. Afterward, Woods continued his golf career and won three PGA Tour events, as recent as 2019. For golf fans or golfers around the world, Augusta is the best place to visit as there are over 30 golf courses in this city alone.

This city is not only known for its history but also continued to make marks in history in the present days. Fort Gordon, the United States army signal corps, was established in Augusta in 1941 which later became the cyber center of excellence. In 2014, months after the relocation of the Army Cyber Command to Augusta, Unisys, an American global information technology company, established a $93 million Army Enterprise Service Desk contract. The cyber growth in Augusta did not stop there; in 2015, Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences was built, working with Unisys and Fort Gordon to train and develop young talents in the field of cyber and IT.

In sum, Augusta might not be well-known as a vacation spot; however, it is a travel destination for history, golf, and cyber enthusiasts around the globe.


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