My dad



This is a picture of what it would be like if I were to stand next to my dad. I was amazed to how much we look alike for the first time after I put ourselves in the picture (Thanks to Photoshop).

Actually, I think my dad and I are about the same age in this photograph. I can’t believe I’m as old as my dad!

Sadly, I never met my dad. I know I don’t talk about my dad much, not even to my own family members. Trust me, it’s not because it will make me feel sad when I talk about him, it’s because I really don’t know a whole lot about him. However, my aunt told me he once said “Never be afraid to learn and it never hurts to ask.” 

Even though his advice never reached me verbally, I believe that I inherited his attitude and personality within my blood. Fearless is the term that best describes how I live my life. Learning is for a life time, and fear is a great impediment to learning. There are always things I cannot accomplish by myself, that is why I must learn from others and ask them for help. My curiosity and inquisitive nature came from my dad, and I really want to point out this is such a good trait to have. Thank you dad!


2 thoughts on “My dad

  1. Great post, Si-long! I never met your father either but I’m sure he was a great man and would have been an awesome father to you and Si-Ing!


  2. I already read it on your facebook , it’s a nice article. I think your dad would like it, if he was still alive.



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