I work out!

30419_394629341532_7287128_nThe title of this blog is from a famous hip-hop, you know what I’m talking about.

Believe it or not, Si-Long Chen was once a respectable athlete. You guys are going to think that I’m fooling you because– Didn’t I mention that I was an introverted anime nerd?

Once my middle school life began, I was drown within exams and rigorous competitions within my peers, and slowly became introverted at the same time. The history of my athletic side traced a decade back when I was in elementary school in Taiwan. Living in a single-parent household with my mom working most of the time, I grew up free-spiritedly— also known as wild. Back then, I had no connections with electronics because they were too expensive. I went outside to play with no fancy toys, just a plain old T-shirt with stains, shorts with holes, and a plastic pair of sandals. Yes, for those of you who did see me at the time, would all agree that I was the neighborhood’s most infamous and untamed tom boy.

Since I spent most of my childhood time running around, jumping, biking, and hanging over monkey bars, I was extremely fit with blisters all over my feet and hands. I could run around bare-footed all day. Because I exercised so much, I was nominated to be a basketball player, a relay racer, a distance jumper, tug of war-er, and so on…….

Hsinchu, Taiwan 2003

Middle school concluded my athletic career……and I’ll tell you the details about what happened some other time. But anyways—


Last year, nevertheless, I have found a way to work out while getting attentions. This was also related to the anime/video games-addict side of me. The best way for me to work out right now is playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). This is not a normal arcade with plastic toy gun to hold or balls to throw. DDR is just like guitar hero, but instead of fingers, you do it with your feet. It might not sound like a lot, but when you get 300 beats per min, that really gets you sweating. This invention made a dramatic change to my life. I got blisters on my feet, just like back in my childhood. Also, I could feel my breath running and my hot blood flowing in my body. Even that I have come out of my introverted “shell” back from middle school, I still get depressions quite often. DDR motivated me to work out, in addition to relieve my mental stress. The music on the DDR arcade is over hundreds. I don’t have to worry about finding music for my mp3. DDR is a free buffet of music! My DDR skill is still not that great. There are still many times that I failed. However, the joy of feeling every pore on my skin breathing is indescribable.



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