Bright start to a storm

13048109_643819459108245_8067457833992919618_oLots of things happened this year. Even though we are only half way done with the year, events that have happened so far have been more life changing than my entire life time.

I tend to stay away from my diary when hardship hits because I want to forget the pain. Unfortunately, the more I’m tying to forget it by not writing it down, the more it circles in my head. On the other hand, due to the overflowing negativity in my head, I often overlook many thankful things and the moral lessons that I learned during this hardship.

It took me months to picked up my scattered emotions.  Looking back at these past events that happened after I have calmed down, I realized that literally, everything that I had wished for came true but ‘wishes come true’ also come with shocking twists.

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