The Bell Ringer- Augusta University’s Student Newspaper

*Written on 5/4/2012

I love writing, and I started to enjoy reading as well. As a kid, newspaper has been fun to me. My grandpa would buy newspaper at 7-11 almost everyday to look at lottery number and the stock market. The papers he collected soon piled up to a mountain. Grandpa didn’t want to throw them away because they make a good table cloth. My sister and I would fold them into shapes of animals, cut them into paper dolls, and doodle over them. Never did I pay attention to what was exactly on the paper until I reached 18.

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Moving to a New Workforce

A lot of people ask me, what do I do for my job. and I always have a hard time finding that one word or one sentence that perfectly describes it. Now that I have submitted my 2-week notice, I was told by my boss to write a list of everything that I do and how I do it. I am amazed at how much. I’ve learned during the time I’m at The Augusta Chronicle. I will continue to cherish the experience and all the awesome colleagues here.

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