Foxsilong Studio

10346592_522390931251099_1571247013430650689_nI want to start a business.  It’s just been something I always wanted to do since I was little. Well, I do admit, I’m not good at math or obeying rules, but I learn quick and I dream big.

Why do I want to start a business you might ask? In addition to making money and being my own boss, I like to share my artistic talents with the world.

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My acceptance to ASU

I held the finished product of my SP in 2009, in addition to being accepted to ASU.

*Written in  3/30/2012*This story could be a long one… bear with me guys. There were two parts to it. First, it all begins with Senior Project (SP). Senior year of high school, oh boy, I can tell you the story about all that. Bravely or ignorantly, I decided to work on writing a book for my SP.

SP was a lot of commitment, including writing a 10 pages research paper, creating a product, and giving a speech with slideshow presentation of my progress. The topic of SP was absolutely free of choice! Guess what I topic I picked? Continue reading “My acceptance to ASU”

My College Life

Written in 3/17/2012

“It begins in Fall 2009, and it will end in May 2013. I am graduating in four years. I don’t care what people say.” I swore that to myself around January of 2012, when only 9 credit hours appeared on my transcript after the first year of college. FYI, it takes about 127 hours to graduate.

I had gone through some arduous times to fulfill the promise I made to myself.

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