What Actually Matters

*Written on 3/16/2012* I have worked my way to college. You may wonder- how is Si-Long able to go so far into education with only a few years of speaking English Language? Let me show you the secret and tell you what actually matters.

Sandhills Writers Series

*written on  2/28/2012* I know I have been emphasizing this in my biography, but I’m going to say it again- I LOVE WRITING. I am so excited about this year’s Sandhills Writers Series! This great series provides great opportunity for students to attend lectures and reading colloquiums, given by nationally-known authors.

Love for Nature

*Written on 3/11/2012* I’ve always had an introverted side ever since middle school. However, my intrinsic behavior, aka gut instinct, was to go OUT. I was an animal protector, field runner, biker, and the leading kid with the loudest voice. (The ironic fact was that I could not swim for some reason….even now, for real, … More Love for Nature